John Crompton

John Crompton

Dr. John Crompton
Distinguished Professor
AGLS Building 445
D.L.C., Loughborough College, 1966
M.S., University of Illinois, 1968
M.Sc., Loughborough University, 1970
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1977
Marketing and financing in parks, recreation and conservation.
Other Professional Experience
Managing Director, Loughborough Recreation Consultants Ltd; Past-President: American Academy of Park and Recreation Administration, Texas Recreation and Park Society, Society of Park and Recreation Educators, and Academy of Leisure Sciences.
Research Direction
Marketing and financing in parks, recreation and conservation
Awards – External-
Recipient of the Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt Research Award (NRPA); NRPA Distinguished Professional Award; NRPA National Literary Award; TTRA Travel Research Award; Cornelius Amory Pugsley Medal; the SPRE Distinguished Teaching Awards; TRAPS and NRPA Southwest Region Fellow Awards; Minnie Stevens Piper Professor; US Department of Agriculture National Teaching Award.
Awards – Internal
Regents Professor; Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence; Cintron University Professor for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence; Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Awards in Teaching and in Research; Vice Chancellor of Agriculture Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching; Senior Fellow in AgriLife Research; President George H.W. Bush Excellence in Public Service Award.

Biographical Profile

Teaching Philosophy

Recent Presentations

Selected Books

Selected Articles:

  1. Trend Statistics in Parks and Recreation
  2. Repositioning of Park and Recreation Services
  3. Historical Evolution of Parks and Recreation
  4. The Proximate Principle: Impact of Parks on Property Values
  5. Economic Impacts of Parks and Recreation
  6. Community-wide Benefits of Parks and Recreation (beyond Economic Impact and No Proximate Principle)
  7. Pricing Park and Recreation Services
  8. Service Quality and Evaluation of Park and Recreation Services
  9. Equity in the Delivery of Park and Recreation Services
  10. Marketing Park and Recreation Serices (other than Pricing and Evaluation)
  11. Financing and Acquisition of Park and Recreation Resources
  12. Financing Sport
  13. Tourism Decision Making

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