B.S. in Community Development

 Community Development is a major that helps fix the world one community at a time…and you get paid to do it!

Communities face lots of problems and need all the help they can get. Community Development is a major that prepares students how to help these communities by teaching them how to understand the general composition of communities. Students earning a degree in Community Development will learn:

  • to identify needs and resources in the community
  • to collect and understand data
  • to identify important actors in the community
  • to understand what those actors do and how they do it
  • to promote local collaboration and partnerships

Graduates with a Community Development major will be able to apply their skills to local goals including  how to develop and run local organizations, how to promote communication and interaction between community members, how to promote economic development, how to reduce poverty and inequality, and overall how to promote local mobilization of community resources.

The curriculum provides students with skills that they can effectively apply in federal, state, and local governmental agencies, community planning firms, municipal departments, non-profit organizations, and even for-profits with community-based interests. Examples of jobs currently held by CDEV graduates:

  • Community Development Offices (different cities)
  • Habitat for Humanity (Galveston )
  • WorkFaith Connection (Houston)
  • Washboard Missions (Africa)
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (national and international)

Students who select this major will enroll in a set of core courses in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences. These courses emphasize the importance of parks, recreation, tourism, and youth-oriented programs to community development processes and strategies. In addition, they will select courses specifically required for the community development major in other departments including Sociology, Urban Planning, and Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication among some.

Community Development Degree Plan

Course Catalog

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