Volunteer Opportunities

Lincoln Recreation Center Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Volunteers needed! The Lincoln Recreation Center will host their Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the W.A.Tarrow Park on April 14.
Sign up to volunteer at http://signup.com/go/FJKtBR

Physics and Engineering Festival

Volunteers are needed for the Physics and Engineering Festival on April 1! The event will be from 10am-4pm at the Mitchell Physics Building and Mitchell Institute on campus. People of all ages will enjoy 100 amazing, interactive physics demonstrations, specialized programs by age groups, and public lectures by prominent scientists and astronauts.

Volunteer opportunities include things like welcome desk assistant, taking balloons to the kids, festival-goer relations, moving scientific equipment back into storage at the end of the day, etc.

If interested in volunteering, please email Jay Jones at jrjones@tamu.edu or sign up here.

Girl Scouts Travel Chaperone

Volunteer chaperones are needed for girl scout trips to international and domestic destinations. Destinations include places such as Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alaska, and Denmark. The upcoming trips and chaperone requirements can be found here.

For more information, visit the Girl Scouts Website.

PAX South

-Primarily game focused (both video and table top)
-Lots of independent developers


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