Dr. G Mora-BourgeoisCongratulations to Dr. Giselle Mora-Bourgeois who was selected as winner of the National Park Service’s 2017 Achieving Relevance through Interpretive Media and Technology Award. The award goes to a national team that created a series of waysides on phenology and climate change across nine national parks. This series introduced the delivery of enhanced content through ‘web microsites’ that visitors can access at the waysides by scanning QR codes that load videos, podcasts, and enhanced context. All waysides are connected to each other virtually as a series under a unified theme of “phenology and climate change”, and introduced an interactive component of ‘picture posts’ where permanent camera stands invite visitors to take pictures and upload them to a website that documents changes in that particular place through the seasons and the years (user contributed content). Giselle worked on this project when she was still in the National Capitol Region. Student interns from her Climate Change Communication Internship program created all the concept, content, photos, and research for the wayside and the mobile content and multimedia delivered through the microsites.

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