Congratulations to Dr. Jim Petrick

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Petrick who has a recent publication in Journal of Travel Research co-authored with colleagues in China.

An Integrated Model of Pop Culture Fans’ Travel Decision-Making Processes

SoJung Lee, HakJun Song, Choong-Ki Lee, James F. Petrick

Abstract –  This study integrated the Model of Goal-directed Behavior (MGB) and the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Actions (AIDA) model into a conceptual framework to examine how pop culture influences decisions to visit a pop culture–featured destination. Findings revealed that visit intentions were significantly influenced by variables in the two models (MGB and AIDA), highlighting that attention to pop culture and positive anticipated emotions played important roles in unifying them. Results suggest that the integrated framework offers a comprehensive and coherent perspective on the complicated decisionmaking process of pop culture fans, which enhances the explanatory power for predicting future intentions. Thus, this paper offers an innovative approach to integrating models from the disciplines of psychology and advertising.

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