Congratulations to Maria Taggart

Congratulations to Maria Taggart who recently finished her internship with the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program. Maria plans to take a full time position with the National Park Service after completion based on the great job she did. Maria and fellow intern Nickolas Aguilera worked on the project described below over the past several months. The photo below was taken during Maria’s recent visit to Washington DC associated with the internship.

With a population of more than 27 million people and only 2.5 staff, the RTCA-Texas field office must be strategic about their outreach to communities.To create a strategic outreach plan, demographic data were analyzed using geospatial tools (geographic information systems, GIS) to identify underserved communities. After identifying target areas, 21 community leaders were interviewed to assess conservation and outdoor recreation needs, goals and challenges in the area, and how RTCA could be of assistance. By using both quantitative and qualitative scoping techniques, we were able to holistically assess community capacity for RTCA projects and partnerships. This will help RTCA staff serve communities more efficiently by discussing new ways to (1) identify target areas and local leaders; (2) focus outreach and tailor services; and (3) clearly define RTCA’s partnership role in projects. This webinar will explore ways to find and engage partners in new areas while also meeting goals set forth in the NPS Call to Action and the RTCA Strategic Framework relating to youth and diversity. 


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