Publications from the Past

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The Papers of Dr. Clare A. Gunn

The Chaparral Press

Information on the Department

Opportunities Unlimited
Informational handout on Recreation and Parks, Fall, 1967.

1971 Departmental Information Brochure
Reprint of Texas Aggie article with curriculum on back cover.

1971–The First Departmental Annual
Devoted to the year 1971 when we occupied the Horse Barn.

1978 State of the Department Report
A one-year report of accomplishments.

The First Twenty-Five Years
1990 Banquet address by Dr. Leslie M. Reid

Reflections on the Past, Focus on the Future
1995 RPTS Banquet speech by Dr. Leslie M. Reid

2002 Departmental Banquet
Honoring Beverly Griffith (Hershey Award) and Scott Jackson (L M Reid Alumni Award)

Departmental Undergraduate Flyer–2005-2006

Departmental Information Series

#1. The Environment and the Evangelist by Lon Garrison (70-1)
April 22 Earth Day Address at Texas A&M

#2. A Panorama of Community Development and Land Use Planning by Frank Suggitt (70-2)
Presented at TRAPS, November 3, 1967/p>

#3. Recreational Implications of the Horse Industry by Billie I. Ingram< (71-3)
Presented at TRAPS, November 3, 1967

Distinguished Lecture Series

#4. Recreation as a Resource by Charles Doell
Presented at Texas A&M, April, 1967

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