Doctor of Philosophy in Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences Course Requirements

(64 hours minimum, plus other courses assigned by the student’s advisory committee and Stats 651 and 652 or equivalent if requirement not met as part of master’s degree)

All students are required to take 6 credits between 601, 602 and 606.

RPTS 601, Interrelationships of Recreation and Leisure Concepts.

(The RPTS Graduate Committee may waive this requirement with evidence of previous graduate course work in RPTS. In this case, another RPTS course must be substituted for RPTS 601.)

RPTS 602, Social Science Foundations of Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

RPTS 606, Overview of Tourism.

RPTS 615, Analytical Techniques in RPTS.

(If a student has passed a previous graduate overview research methods course, the student’s advisory committee may approve an outside research methods course as a substitute for RPTS 615.)

At least 9 additional hours of RPTS courses (excluding RPTS 685, Directed Studies, but can include RENR 662, Environmental Law and Policy.)

PHIL 645, Philosophy of Science (or equivalent graduate-level philosophy of science course approved by the student’s advisory committee.)

A qualitative research methods course approved by the student’s advisory committee.

One additional outside research methods course approved by the student’s advisory committee (in addition to RPTS 615 or its approved substitute).

Additional 13 hours of courses in a minor or two supporting fields (may include applicable RPTS courses).

Minimum of 24 hours of RPTS 691, Research.

In addition, students must (a) have taken STAT 651 and STAT 652, Statistics in Research I and II or their equivalent as part of their master’s program or (b) pass these courses with a grade of C or better at TAMU. Equivalent graduate-level statistics courses may be taken at TAMU to meet the STAT 651/652 requirement if approved by the student’s TAMU doctoral advisory committee.

*All students must pass a final comprehensive examination administered by their advisory committee

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