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Soupsgiving Recap

On November 19, 2017, students of RPTS 321 (Event Management and Operations II) hosted a fundraiser for the Brazos Valley Food Bank. The event, called Soupsgiving, took place at Wolf Pen Creek Park and was a smashing success. Families and students alike participated in the festivities, playing fall pumpkin-themed games, making crafts, and competing in the soup competition. An estimated 150 people attended, and over 1,200 cans were donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank. Thank you to all the students and their professor, Mr. Steven Migacz, for… Read More →


Congratulations to Dr. Ron Kaiser for research work recently recognized by the College Station City Council. Outdoor water use in College Station was examined. Education interventions were used to change outdoor watering behaviors. Through the course of the research, water use for a six-year measuring period was reduced by 335,000,000 gallons in College Station.  This amounts to water savings for the city and a conservation success story.  The amount of water that the city saved could provide water to 1,000 households of 4 people for  1 year.  It… Read More →

Study Abroad Course Recognition

Congratulations to Dr. Ron Kaiser for a study abroad course he helps lead that recently received recognition in the A&M Abroad Global Engagement Plan. He worked with Dr. Gabriel Eckstein of the TAMU Law School to teach students from Mexico and the U.S. about water management, science and law at Hacienda Santa Clara, San Miguel. Thirty participants were involved in the 2017 course.


Congratulations to former students Matthew Stone and Joelle Soulard with current student Steven Migacz and Erik Wolf from the World Food Travel Association for their publication in The Journal of Travel Research titled “Elements of memorable food, drink and culinary tourism experiences.”  Click here to view the article.


Congratulations to Dr. Gary Ellis, former student Jingxian (“Kelly”) Jiang, and their colleague, Patti Freeman on publication of their article, “Creating experiences for study abroad students” in the current issue of Journal of Tourism Insights. Their paper addresses the phenomenon of co-creation by focusing on provider-centric, activity-centric, and tourist-centric structured experiences. You can read their article at this link: Click Here      


Congratulation to Dr. Courtney Suess-Raeisinafchi for her two forthcoming publications! The first, titled “Hotel-like hospital rooms’ impact on patient well-being and willingness to pay: An examination using the theory of supportive design,” will be published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. The second is published with co-author Mody and is titled “The influence of hospital design and service on patient responses.” It will be published in The Service Industries Journal.


Congratulations to Dr. Angela Durko! In the spring of 2018 her classes will be working with the United Nations to educate potential tourists and students.  Her program will engage primary and secondary schools in Afghanistan and other countries. The primary purpose is to reduce negative perceptions of others.


Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal for a grant that she, Dr. Blanca Camargo, and Dr. Christine Budke (Veterinary Biosciences) have received through CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Technologia) entitled “Impact of NGO-assisted women’s cooperatives on the health and wellbeing of participating indigenous women and their communities.”    


Congratulations to Songyi Kim, a student of Dr. Jamal’s who is affiliated with the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute! Songyi has had two papers published this summer: 1) Kim, S., Park, J. and Lee D. (2017) Impact of climate change on the preferred season for outdoor water activities. Sustainability vol 9. and  2) Songyi Kim, Jin Han Park, Dong Kun Lee, Yong-hoon Son, Heeyeun Yoon, Sungjin Kim & Hee Jeong Yun (2017) The impacts of weather on tourist satisfaction and revisit intention: a study of South Korean domestic tourism, Asia… Read More →

Congratulations to Mr. Rick Harwell

 Mr. Rick Harwell for being recognized by Texas A&M University’s Division of Student Affairs as a “faculty or staff member who helped [a student veteran] the most” during their undergraduate education.