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Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal for a grant that she, Dr. Blanca Camargo, and Dr. Christine Budke (Veterinary Biosciences) have received through CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Technologia) entitled “Impact of NGO-assisted women’s cooperatives on the health and wellbeing of participating indigenous women and their communities.”    


Congratulations to Songyi Kim, a student of Dr. Jamal’s who is affiliated with the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute! Songyi has had two papers published this summer: 1) Kim, S., Park, J. and Lee D. (2017) Impact of climate change on the preferred season for outdoor water activities. Sustainability vol 9. and  2) Songyi Kim, Jin Han Park, Dong Kun Lee, Yong-hoon Son, Heeyeun Yoon, Sungjin Kim & Hee Jeong Yun (2017) The impacts of weather on tourist satisfaction and revisit intention: a study of South Korean domestic tourism, Asia… Read More →

Congratulations to Mr. Rick Harwell

 Mr. Rick Harwell for being recognized by Texas A&M University’s Division of Student Affairs as a “faculty or staff member who helped [a student veteran] the most” during their undergraduate education.

Spring 2017 RPTS Spotlight

Congratulations to Mr. Steven Migacz and his RPTS 321 class for the successful planning and implementation of Kite Fest! Kite Fest is an event hosted by students in Texas A&M’s RPTS 321 event management course. During the semester, the students are responsible for planning, marketing, organizing, securing vendors and sponsors, and implementing the event. For this event, community members were invited to participate in an afternoon of kite flying and fun activities such as the three-legged race, a sack race, a water balloon toss, a donut eating contest,… Read More →


Ron Kaiser recently entered into a contract with College Station to continue work that examines issues related to lawn irrigation. Among other services, web based information will be provided to residents about rainfall amounts specific to their neighborhoods with recommendations for irrigation based on those data. This service and other parts of the program are geared toward helping residents and the ground water conservation district consume less water.


Congratulations to Dr. Giselle Mora-Bourgeois who was selected as winner of the National Park Service’s 2017 Achieving Relevance through Interpretive Media and Technology Award. The award goes to a national team that created a series of waysides on phenology and climate change across nine national parks. This series introduced the delivery of enhanced content through ‘web microsites’ that visitors can access at the waysides by scanning QR codes that load videos, podcasts, and enhanced context. All waysides are connected to each other virtually as a series under a… Read More →


Congratulations to David Scott who recently had a book chapter published  – “Why Veblen matters: The role of status seeking in contemporary leisure” – in The Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory.​ Drawing on contributions from experts in leisure studies from around the world the handbook covers: traditional theories of leisure; rational theories of leisure; structural theories of leisure; and post-structural theories of leisure.  


Congratulations to Dr. Gramann who presented a paper titled, “Charting a Path: A Critical History of Social Science in the National Parks,” at the biennial George Wright Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites in Norfolk, Virginia. One finding from his research is that the first-known social science in the national parks occurred in 1893, making 2018 the 125th anniversary of national park social science. To observe this anniversary, the executive director of the George Wright Society has asked Dr. Gramann to prepare a proposal for a… Read More →


Congratulations to Dr. Ellis, Dr. Jamal, former doctoral student Dr. Jingxian Jiang, and BYU professor Patti Freeman on publication of their article titled, “A Theory of Structured Experience!”  The paper is published in the most recent issue of Annals of Leisure Research.  Their Theory of Structured Experience provides formal (Aristotelian) definitions of determinants and results of structured experiences and advances formal propositions relations between and among those.                                           … Read More →


Congratulations to Dr. Jamie Rae Walker who recently received confirmation of her promotion to Associate Professor and Extension Specialist! Promotions of this nature are a major step in one’s career and indicative of much hard work.