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Graduate Student Spotlight

Dr. Aby-Sene Harper Why did you choose the RPTS Department at Texas A&M University? My masters advisor had recommended Texas A&M University among other universities. At that time, I was interested in tourism as a strategy for rural development and biodiversity conservation in African countries. The RPTS department had a significant number of prominent faculty members in sustainable tourism, ecotourism and community development. Today, I am very pleased with my decision to pursue my Ph.D. in the RPTS department at Texas A&M. During my time here, I became… Read More →

Undergraduate Spotlight

Kylee Hargrove Why did you choose RPTS as your major? I am passionate about many things in life, but I am especially passionate about youth and travel benefits/impacts. I believe in investing in the lives of youth because they deserve to be invested in and brought up to change this world. RPTS has many professors and classes that teach you just that, the importance of changing the lives of youth. The other passion of mine is for travel and the importance it brings to people’s lives. Travel and… Read More →

Fall 2016 RPTS Spotlight

Barksgiving Led by Mr. Steven Migacz , the RPTS 321 Event Management class hosted a “Barksgiving” event in Wolf Pen Creek Park. Their mission was to provide an entertaining dog-related event that focuses on educational aspects of adopting/fostering, owning, and caring for dogs while increasing awareness for Urgent Animals of Hearne and Robertson County. This event was a fun-filled day that invited friends, families and dogs of all kinds to engage in an array of activities? Some of these activities included photo booth opportunities, a dog-centered obstacle course,… Read More →


              Congratulations to Dr. Peter Witt and Dr. Tek Dangi for completed publication of a series of research briefs on youth (and parental) involvement in sport, which have been downloaded about 420 times!  


            Congratulations to Drs. Dan Richmond, Corliss Outley and Jill Martz for their Online Education Award of $35,000 provided by COALS to develop an on-line master’s degree in Youth Development.  


Congratulations to Mrs. Charriss York who works in our Texas Coastal Watershed Program and received an award to work with the City of Friendswood on a project to improve water quality and beutification through WaterSmart Gardens.  


Congratulations to Dr. Jill Martz, whom received a grant award and will act as the lead investigator in the first phase of the Community Youth Development & Statewide Youth Services Network program evaluation  


Congratulations to Mrs. Clara Aguilar on completion of her Certificate in Fundamentals of Office Administration through TAMU’s Employee and Organizational Development.  


Congratulations to Dr. Angela Durko and Mr. Rick Harwell who both recently received Neuhaus-Shepardson Faculty Development Grants.  


Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Stronza who has again been recognized as she works for the greater good of people and wildlife in Botswana.