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The Best and Worst Cities for Recreation

Dr. Lou Hodges was one of nine supporting experts who answered questions related to parks and recreation. The WalletHub piece ranked the 100 largest US cities for recreation. To view the article on WalletHub please click here. To read Dr. Hodges’ section, please read below: Louis Hodges Associate Professor in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences and Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs at Texas A&M University What are some cost effective ways for local authorities to improve parks and recreation facilities? Effectively using volunteers (Master Gardeners,… Read More →

Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal

Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal who, with coauthor Brian Smith, recently had the article described below published in the journal Sustainability. Tourism Pedagogy and Visitor Responsibilities in Destinations of Local-Global Significance: Climate Change and Social-Political Action Authors: Tazim Jamal and Brian Smith Sustainability 2017, 9(6), 1082; doi:10.3390/su9061082 Abstract This paper examines the issue of climate change pedagogy and social action in tourism, with particular interest in globally-significant destinations under threat from climate change. Little is understood of the role and responsibility of visitors as key stakeholders in climate change-related action… Read More →

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Gramann

Congratulation to Jim Gramann as we look back on over 34 years of his service to our department and the profession. The photograph below is a fun reminder of the past and present. Taken in Francis Hall circa 1989 the photograph is part of an Association of Former Students production called, Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M. The photo includes Jim and his doctoral students at the time: Ed Ruddell (Ph.D., 1989, now at University of Utah), Myron Floyd (Ph.D. 1991, now at North Carolina State University),… Read More →

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Petrick

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Petrick who has a recent publication in Journal of Travel Research co-authored with colleagues in China. An Integrated Model of Pop Culture Fans’ Travel Decision-Making Processes SoJung Lee, HakJun Song, Choong-Ki Lee, James F. Petrick Abstract –  This study integrated the Model of Goal-directed Behavior (MGB) and the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Actions (AIDA) model into a conceptual framework to examine how pop culture influences decisions to visit a pop culture–featured destination. Findings revealed that visit intentions were significantly influenced by variables in… Read More →

Dr. Ramer’s TEDx Talk

Congratulations to Dr. Ramer – Her recent TEDx talk was released online through YouTube. Space Might be Our Last Frontier, but Diversity is Our Last Horizon | Svitlana Ramer | TEDxTAMU ​

Graduate Student Spotlight: Andrew Lacanienta

What is your area of study? Andrew Lacanienta is an RPTS graduate student pursuing his PhD in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M. He has concentrated his area of study on experience design. This area of study has led him to explore recreation and leisure experiences and focuses on creating more memorable experiences in a broad variety of fields. In the past, he has studied experiences as they related to work settings, as well as experience in relation to families and youth development. He is currently… Read More →

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Why did you choose RPTS as your major? Jessica Burch started at Texas A&M as a Business major with a minor in RPTS. However, after one semester in which she took all RPTS classes, everything changed. She found that her RPTS professors truly cared about her and wanted her to learn. They quickly learned her name and were eager to invest in her education. She also found that she loved the experiences RPTS had to offer and the future career options more closely aligned with what she wanted… Read More →

Special Recognition: Lance Jackson

 Congratulations to Lance Jackson! On May 12, 2017 Lance Jackson walked the stage, earning his degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences. Jackson was a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football player for the original Wrecking Crew from 1983-1985. Lance left school in 1985 and was hired by the City of College Station’s Parks and Recreation Department.For the past 19 years Lance has worked with young people as supervisor of the Lincoln Recreation Center here in College Station. A few years ago he decided to return to school and finish… Read More →

News from the Department Head

It is hard to believe that it is already May. Spring has sprung in recent months, and we take this opportunity to share the news. There continue to be many exciting happenings in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences. The department will see more than 80 students graduating with their Bachelor of Science degree this May and 8 graduating with Masters or Doctoral degrees. Shortly after graduation we have Maymester field courses in Camp Administration and Destination Management starting, and our South Pacific Study Abroad Program in Fiji and… Read More →

Graduate Student Spotlight

Dr. Aby-Sene Harper Why did you choose the RPTS Department at Texas A&M University? My masters advisor had recommended Texas A&M University among other universities. At that time, I was interested in tourism as a strategy for rural development and biodiversity conservation in African countries. The RPTS department had a significant number of prominent faculty members in sustainable tourism, ecotourism and community development. Today, I am very pleased with my decision to pursue my Ph.D. in the RPTS department at Texas A&M. During my time here, I became… Read More →