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Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal for a grant that she, Dr. Blanca Camargo, and Dr. Christine Budke (Veterinary Biosciences) have received through CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Technologia) entitled “Impact of NGO-assisted women’s cooperatives on the health and wellbeing of participating indigenous women and their communities.”    


Congratulations to Songyi Kim, a student of Dr. Jamal’s who is affiliated with the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute! Songyi has had two papers published this summer: 1) Kim, S., Park, J. and Lee D. (2017) Impact of climate change on the preferred season for outdoor water activities. Sustainability vol 9. and  2) Songyi Kim, Jin Han Park, Dong Kun Lee, Yong-hoon Son, Heeyeun Yoon, Sungjin Kim & Hee Jeong Yun (2017) The impacts of weather on tourist satisfaction and revisit intention: a study of South Korean domestic tourism, Asia… Read More →

Congratulations to Mr. Rick Harwell

 Mr. Rick Harwell for being recognized by Texas A&M University’s Division of Student Affairs as a “faculty or staff member who helped [a student veteran] the most” during their undergraduate education.

Congratulations to Maria Taggart

Congratulations to Maria Taggart who recently finished her internship with the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program. Maria plans to take a full time position with the National Park Service after completion based on the great job she did. Maria and fellow intern Nickolas Aguilera worked on the project described below over the past several months. The photo below was taken during Maria’s recent visit to Washington DC associated with the internship. With a population of more than 27 million people and only 2.5 staff, the… Read More →

Most downloaded

Jim Petrick and his former students Matt Stone and Chun-Chu (Bamboo) Chen. Statistics compiled by the Journal of Travel Research place a paper by Drs. Stone an Petrick as the # 1 most downloaded (1176 times) and Drs. Chen and Petrick as the # 8 most downloaded (813 times) for the first five months of 2017.   

2017 Best Paper Award

Melyssa-Anne Stricklin whose MS thesis was recently selected to receive the 2017 American Academy for Park & Recreation Administration Best Paper Award! This quite an honor. Melyssa-Anne will be on hand to receive her award at this year’s meeting of the Academy during the National Recreation and Park Association Congress in New Orleans.

Congratulations to Dr. Petrick

Congratulations to Dr. Petrick who had the article below published with his former student Chun-Chu (Bamboo) Chen and other colleagues. Antecedents and Consequences of Work-Related Smartphone Use on Vacation: An Exploratory Study of Taiwanese Tourists Chun-Chu Chen, Wei-Jue Huang, Jie Gao, James F. Petrick   Abstract:  Given the proliferation of smartphone use, more and more people feel obligated to stay connected to work during evening hours, weekends, or vacations. Therefore, building on work–family border theory (Clark 2000), which suggests the blending of work and nonwork domains can… Read More →


Congratulations to current PhD student SJ (Sukjoon) Yoon, Dr. Jim Petrick (and former student Dr. Sheila Backman) for their recent publication, Twitter Power and Sport-Fan Loyalty: The Moderating Effects of Twitter in the International Journal of Sport Communication.

The Best and Worst Cities for Recreation

Dr. Lou Hodges was one of nine supporting experts who answered questions related to parks and recreation. The WalletHub piece ranked the 100 largest US cities for recreation. To view the article on WalletHub please click here. To read Dr. Hodges’ section, please read below: Louis Hodges Associate Professor in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences and Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs at Texas A&M University What are some cost effective ways for local authorities to improve parks and recreation facilities? Effectively using volunteers (Master Gardeners,… Read More →

Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal

Congratulations to Dr. Tazim Jamal who, with coauthor Brian Smith, recently had the article described below published in the journal Sustainability. Tourism Pedagogy and Visitor Responsibilities in Destinations of Local-Global Significance: Climate Change and Social-Political Action Authors: Tazim Jamal and Brian Smith Sustainability 2017, 9(6), 1082; doi:10.3390/su9061082 Abstract This paper examines the issue of climate change pedagogy and social action in tourism, with particular interest in globally-significant destinations under threat from climate change. Little is understood of the role and responsibility of visitors as key stakeholders in climate change-related action… Read More →