Graduate Scholarship Application

2020 Applications will be accepted between February 1 – March 1

We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Scholarship!  Your candidacy speaks highly of your academic success and commitment.  Generous donors who have created the scholarships did so with the intention of supporting outstanding students like you! Graduate Scholarships available are listed below.

Scholarships are available to current RPTS majors who will be full-time students (at least 9 TAMU credits) for both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Students who have not yet completed one semester at Texas A&M University (and therefore do not yet have a GPA on record) will not be considered for scholarships. The GPA is one aspect of the selection process, but the thank-you letter, resume and application are also important.

To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Download and complete the Graduate Student Scholarship Application Packet.  As you will see, to be considered for a scholarship you will need to a) complete an application form, b) write a letter address to “Dear Donor” communicating your career direction and the importance and meeting of the scholarship to you, c) provide a copy of your resume, and d) provide a photograph of yourself for the donor.
    • You will also have the option of providing a brief video that will introduce you to the donor and communicate the importance and meaning of the scholarship to you.
    • You may wish to review sample letters.
  • Send your completed packet as a single Word Document file to Irina Shatruk (by 11:59pm on March 1, 2020), at, AGLS 465 (979-845-5412)
  • Note that submission of an application signals that if you are a scholarship recipient you will do the following:
    • Attend the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Awards Banquet to receive recognition in person (to be held on April 16, 2020. Ice House on Main, time TBA)
    • Send a hand-written thank-you note to the donor of the scholarship you receive
    • Assist Ms. Shatruk with finalizing your application packet for forwarding to the donor if you are chosen to receive a scholarship.  You will need to visit Ms. Shatruk in person to sign the letter to the donor.
 Scholarship/Donor   Criteria  Credits Completed; GPA;  Minimum SCH/ semester to be on scholarship
Thomas G. Villo Scholarship

(1 recipient)
Graduate degree objectives in marine recreation management and development.  3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
John Crompton Scholarship

(2 recipients)
Donor: Dr. John L. Crompton
Graduate student with primary interest in parks and conservation  3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Elizabeth Crompton Scholarship

(1 recipient)
Donor: Dr. John L. Crompton, in honor of his wife, “Liz” Crompton
Full-time graduate student in good standing with primary interest in parks and conservation 3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Marguerite Van Dyke Scholarship

(2 recipients)
Donor: Friends of Marguerite van Dyke.  Donor representative is Mrs. Marguerite van Dyke
Any graduate student major in RPTS  3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Clare Gunn Scholarship 3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Jake Hershey Fellowship

(2 recipients)
Donor: Mrs. Terry Hershey
Graduate student must have strong interest in natural resource conservation  3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Peter Witt & Joyce Nies Scholarship
 3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Korean RPTS Alumni and Marguerite Van Dyke Endowed Scholarship

(1 recipient)
Donor: Korean former graduate students.  Donor representative is Mrs. Marguerite van Dyke
Full time graduate student in good standing pursuing a graduate degree in RPTS  3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Robert B. Ditton Endowed Scholarship Graduate student whose focus is the coastal and marine recreation or tourism or the human dimensions of wildlife and fisheries 3.0 GPA;  9 SCH/ Semester
Gene Phillips Memorial Scholarship Graduate student demonstrating a strong desire to advance the field of Tourism 3.0 GPA;  9 SCH/ Semester
Population Studies and Rural Development Scholarship

(2 recipients)
Donor: Dr. Steven Murdock
Graduate student pursuing studies in community development. Interest in rural sociology, analysis of Texas population patterns and their implications for socioeconomic development of rural and other parts of Texas 3.0 GPA; 9 SCH/ Semester
Bradberry Scholarship

Donor: Sequor Foundation

Graduate students majoring in RPTS in good standing;

Must commit to thesis, dissertation, or other publication-quality research on youth (e.g., youth development, youth travel, youth recreation, youth parks)

New or continuing RPTS graduate student in good standing.


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