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As you all know we changed to Concur system. Before you travel somewhere and you would like to be reimbursed for that (including mini-grants) you must submit travel and leave request. Now days we do it electronically:

1.       Log on to SSO:

2.       Click on “eTravel/Concur”

3.       If it is your first time logging on to Concur, click “Profile” and enter required information

4.       Click “Save”

5.       To submit a leave request (pre-trip form), click on “Expense”

6.       Click on “New Authorization Request” and fill in fields marked in red and save

7.       To submit a new expense report, click “New Expense Report” and fill in fields marked in red.

8.       Click “Next” on the bottom right corner to attach any receipts and other expenses.

9.       Click “Save” when you finish attaching all receipts

Please let Amanda or Tina know if you have any questions.

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