Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Degree:  What catalogue should I Follow?

You will be required to follow the current year unless a special request is entered.  See a copy of the degree plan.

2.  What is the internship?

Each student is required to complete a semester long internship.  See the internship section for more information.

3.  What are the different emphasis areas?

Based on your interest area, you will have to select a degree tract.  For more information see emphasis areas?

4.  What are the departmental electives (D2) listed in the degree plan?

Those are courses offered by the RPTS department within your area of specialization, but not required in the degree plan.  For example, RPTS 331 would count as a departmental elective for our Tourism emphasis students.

5.  What are the specialized electives?

You are required to complete a set amount of hours outside those set by the department that complement your area of specialization.  See for a list of approved courses.

6.  Can I pursue a minor while majoring in RPTS?

RPTS students are encouraged to pursue any of the various approved minors that Texas A&M offers.  For information regarding the required courses, please contact the department or college offering the minor.

7. What types of careers are available?

The career opportunities are only limited to your imagination.  Some examples of positions include: Recreation Specialists for the Municipal Park and Recreation Department, Resort and Hotel Management, Camp Director, Graduate School, Aquatics Programmer, Casino Sales Representative, Adventure Guide, Newspaper Reporter, Professional Athlete, Events Coordinator.  Please visit this link for a sample of possible careers.

8.  Course Substitution

Any curricula substitutions must be requested in writing, using the form available at the Undergraduate Office.  Due to state regulations, core curriculum substitutions must be approved through the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  In some cases approval must be obtained from the Associate Provost t for Undergraduate Affairs.

For more information, contact:

Ann Williams, Undergraduate Advisor
Texas A&M University
Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
2261 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2261
Phone: (979) 845-0571;
Fax: (979) 845-0446
Email: awilliams@tamu.edu

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