Sequor Youth Development Initiative

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The mission of the Sequor Youth Development Initiative (YDI) is to meet needs of public and not-for-profit agency Teens boatingmanagers, staff, and researchers for science based information to improve youth program staff competencies, program design and evaluation. Additionally, the Sequor YDI serves as a resource for further developing, improving, and evaluating the impact of current youth development programs and services.

The focus of the Sequor YDI’s efforts fall into three main categories:

Applied Research and Evaluation: The Sequor YDI pursues a research agenda driven by the needs of Texas youth serving agencies and contemporary youth development topics. This serves as the basis for external grant proposals and provides a basis for graduate student research projects. The Sequor YDI also offers a fee-based evaluation service for youth development agencies and organizations.
Youth Development Information Dissemination: The Sequor YDI website ( serves as an information portal to provide ready access to available youth development best practice and research information. The Sequor YDI develops materials that translate existing information into user-friendly and quick reference formats.
Training and Education Materials: The Sequor YDI facilitates conference, trainings, and train-the-trainer programs for youth development agencies and workers throughout Texas using online and site-based training delivery systems. Training is also available for community leaders and policy makers. In addition, the Sequor YDI is developing a youth workers certificate program for non-degree seeking youth workers.

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