Force Request Form

We are no longer accepting force requests for Spring 2020.


Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (Extension-only)
Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate(Ag Research)
Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (TAMU)

Graduate Student Travel (domestic) (Must be filled out for ALL travel outside of the B/CS area)
Graduate Student Travel (Foreign)

Sponsored Agreements

FY2015 Budgeting for Fringe Benefits on Sponsored Agreement

Field Trip

Field trip Processes
Field Trip Request Form
RPTS Field Trip Approval Form


Mini Grant Application (Please fill out all associated travel forms above)

All Ag Program forms available here.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

eTravel/Concur is now an available option in SSO.

Conference Registration Clarification – use of the travel card is still allowed.  At one time we thought we would not allow them on the payment card, but we have decided to allow them on either card.  This gives the department the flexibility of deciding which payment method best meets their business needs.

Sales Tax Clarification – There are two types of meals:

1.  The meal that the employee eats while in overnight travel status.  This is breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It doesn’t matter if the employee is eating alone or with others.  It would not qualify as a “business” meal which must follow the IRS 5 W’s.  This meal is NOT exempt from sales tax so sales tax should be charged and it will be charged to the SL that the meal expense was charged to.

2. Business meals that follow the IRS 5 W’s:  who was at the business meal, what business was discussed, when did this business meal occur, where was this business meal and why was this business meal conducted (benefit back to AgriLife).  A business meal usually occurs when an employee is not in travel status.  Historically, these have been paid on the payment card.  But there are occasions when an employee will need to conduct business while in travel status.  These business meals are exempt from sales tax when charged on the payment card or the Agency liability travel cards.

CBT/ CBA Reminder

The department named cards are now only valid for airfare.  All other merchant transactions will be declined.

If you have multiple CBT/CBA cards, please consider cancelling the accounts, especially if you have requested individually named cards for your travelers.  If you have cards that need to be cancelled, please e-mail Kim Payne at  Include the agency that issued the card, the last six digits of the card and the name on the card.  Once the account has been cancelled/closed, you can destroy the cards.

Preparing your Travelers Attachment –   Please see the attachment to prepare your travelers for setting up their profiles.  The System will be able to handle the heavy traffic of 12 members all going live on 4/4.  So for the first few days, please work with travelers who either have an expense report they need to submit now or with those travelers who will be traveling or needing to make reservations soon.

Help Desk – Disbursements will be available during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00am-12:00 pm and 1:00-5:00pm.  Contact the following:

Kim Payne, kpayne@ag.tamu.edu979-845-4764

Shiao-Yen Ko, s-ko1@ag.tamu.edu979-845-4764

Susan McNeese, sgmcneese@ag.tamu.edu979-845-4748

Shorts Travel Agency Contact Information

Phone number:  877-225-0239


More information on their business hours and after hours service is at

Concur Help Desk 

Contact Information for Concur’s Advantage Service – User Support Desk

Please use the Support button within the Concur Program to check status of, update and open new tickets online.

The Support button is located on the ‘My Concur’ page at the top of the screen on the right side, between the Help and Logout buttons.

Domestic 1-866-793-4040

Toll # 952-947-1962

Agency Travel Card Checklist

How to Search for an Account

Preparing Your Travelers

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