Meet the ProRanger Cadets & Follow Their Journey

Like nature, these cadets have such diverse backgrounds, interests, and life experiences. Discover what called these college students to become a part of preserving the natural resources of America. Follow each ProRanger Cadet, as they share their personal thoughts, amazing journeys and life changing experiences, while they complete the program requirements.


The Next Phase for the NPS Intermountain Region ProRanger Program with Texas A&M University, 
Praireview A&M University, Salish Kootenai College, and Temple University

Group photo of ProRangers

The IMR ProRanger Program has placed its 23rd graduate into a permanent position within the National Park Service (NPS). We recently placed three Prairieview A&M University graduates in NPS career positions. Devonte Jones is a US Park Ranger at Petrified Forest National Park. Tremaine Sapp is a US Park Ranger at Petersburg National Battlefield. Jotianna Phillips is a NPS Park Guide at Boston National Historial Park. Jotianna will become a US Park Ranger very soon.

Devonte Jones Jotianna Phillips Tremaine Sapp
Devonte Jones is a US Park Ranger at Petrified Forest National Park Jotianna Phillips is a Park Guide at Boston National Historical Park Tremaine Sapp, on the left, is a career US Park Ranger at Petersburg National Battlefield

Two ProRangers graduated with their Bachelor’s degrees and are now eligible for career hire. Texas A&M University Dillon O’Brien is being hired by Rocky Mountain National Park. Christopher Fonteneaux also just graduated from Praireview A&M University and is being interviewed by parks now for a career law enforcement position.

We are excited to announce and introduce you to our eight current ProRangers serving in our National Parks this summer. They are on their second 12 week summer internships. Five of these students attended and successfully completed the Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) NPS Law Enforcement Training Academy. There will be three students attending the Temple University NPS Law Enforcement Training Academy in the Fall of 2018. One of our current participants graduated from CNCC in 2016. Upon completion of the program they will be eligible for career hire with the NPS.

Here are our 2018 ProRangers

Aurelia Gracia

Bryan Harper

Holt Mica

Jacob Bandas

Jameson Tischler

Jared Harland

Zachary Moreno


The IMR ProRanger Program has also sent eight of our students through the Texas A&M University Engineering Extension Services Emergency Medical Technician Basic Program. These students will be testing for the national registry examination and will be certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Medical Training group shot

The IMR ProRanger Program at Texas A&M University is also proud to announce its partnership with the Temple University ProRanger program. Both programs were started in 2009 with the goal of recruiting and training the next generation of US Park Rangers. The programs share lessons learned and follow the same basic design of class instruction, summer internship and law enforcement training academy. Now that the programs are aligning we will further integrate our experiences and be able to leverage support for this initiative. We are very excited about the opportunity for our students to earn their place among the NPS workforce protecting resources, people and property.

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