PEMC – Service Portfolio

Since many of you have expectations or aspirations for working with festivals, fairs, and special events, it is important to document the experience that you have gained, the hours worked or service given to planning and conducting events, and the knowledge you have gained from those experiences.  This will be important as you seek certification in event management and eventual employment in the field. Service is an indicator of a commitment to an ideal which is relevant to employers and demonstrates that you bring more than just job skills when you are hired.


Be Creative! How you design your portfolio and the way you choose to organize it should reflect you. This may be the first impression someone will have of your work. As you are building this portfolio, continue to check to make sure this is an honest and clear representation of your work.

  • Your portfolio must be a website (Wix, Weebly, etc).
  • It must be one all inclusive website, not multiple documents sent together.

What must you include?

  • Current resume
  • For each event, you must:
    • Complete the Event Verification Form with supervisor signature.
    • Document specifically what you did to contribute to the success of the event using action verbs.
    • Write a brief reflection answering:
      1. Specifically, what did you learn from your experience?
      2. What was the purpose of the event?
    • Document your participation (if you only helped with the planning phase, but non day-of, you are still required to have these) with both:
      1. Photos of you actively working the event; try not to have selfies
      2. Photos of the event that include a variety of event elements.
    • If applicable, if you were on the planning committee, include a written copy of the plan and any supporting materials


You should make your portfolio website in a professional and creative manner. The best portfolios show more than just your event management experience. Do you have paid or unpaid experience in other creative outlets such as photography, floral design, graphic design, etc? Add sections to your portfolio with these creative outlets. Show off how awesome you are!


In RPTS 324, you will be submitted a draft of your website portfolio and a final version of your website portfolio. If you would like to see the rubrics on how those are graded, please check them out! PEMC Website Portfolio Draft Rubric and PEMC Website Portfolio Final Rubric.

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