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Dr. Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer

Ramer, Dr. Svitlana Iarmolenko
Dr. Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer
AGLS 433
Undergraduate Education
B.S. in Commercial Tourism, Kyiv National University, Ukraine, 2008
Graduate Education
M.S. in Recreation and Leisure Studies, East Carolina University, 2010
Ph.D. in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University, 2014
Courses Taught
RPTS 423 - Tourism Management


Diaspora tourism, heritage tourism, migration and acculturation, transnationalism and mobility studies


Dr. Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, and received her BS in Commercial Tourism from the Kyiv National University. An avid traveler and explorer, Dr. Ramer decided to pursue graduate education abroad and enrolled into a Master’s program in Recreation and Leisure Studies at East Carolina University. She then continued on to a Doctorate degree from The Pennsylvania State University’s Recreation, Park and Tourism Management program, focusing her research on diaspora tourism, heritage, acculturation, transnationalism, and mobility studies. After working for two years as an Assistant Professor of Recreation and Tourism at Georgia Southern University, Dr. Ramer moved to Houston. She excitedly joined the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences as a lecturer in tourism management.