ProRanger Program Overview

The ProRanger Program allows you to pursue your academic career while also working towards a full-time job as federal career employee with the National Park Service upon graduation. ProRanger is designed to complement your academic work and help you apply classroom knowledge in the field. The program provides specialized training, scholarship incentives, paid summer internships in National Parks, and admission into the NPS Law Enforcement Academy.

Following the first year internship, each ProRanger will attend the NPS Law Enforcement Academy at Colorado Northwestern Community College – part of the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLEPT).  This accredited academy will provide ProRangers with cutting-edge training based on a new revised curriculum.  Graduates of the academy receive a Type II law enforcement commission and can be converted into a full time position at one of the many NPS units like Big Bend National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, or Glen Canyon National Park, to name a few.


2-year program coordinated from Texas A&M University. The ProRanger Program Manager (NPS employee) will be stationed at the university and will be an active partner with the school.

Professional Development and Training during the school year – ProRanger will provide additional training to complement your classes. The program curriculum is flexible to fit our cadets academic schedule and enhance their college experience, not compete with it.

Utilizes the Pathways Program – This program is designed to allow you to grain valuable work experience while you’re still in school and get paid for it – The Patheways Program is a special hiring authority that is only available to students and provides a way to hire students without further competition.

Potential for Scholarships for relevant training –ProRanger will provide scholarships for second year students to pursue training that will benefit the cadet and the NPS such as fire fighting, criminal justice classes, and medical training.

Paid Summer Internships with the NPS – The ProRanger Program will set up paid summer internships with NPS units across the US. Internships are full time (40 hours per week), will last 12 weeks and typically require living at the host park due to remote locations and the lack of available housing.

Admission into NPS Law Enforcement Academy a part of the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP) – ProRanger will pay for your admission to the academy. When you graduate you will receive your Type II commission from your summer host park.

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