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Welcome to the RPTS IT Support Page!

In a large organization such as Texas A&M, Information Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives.  Not only that, but there are many IT groups in many different locations within Texas A&M – College Station.  Hopefully, the rest of the page below will help you navigate the vast amount of information related to IT resources.

Our role has migrated over time from being a service provider to now being a service facilitator.  We will still be performing most IT related functions for you here in the department, but we no longer run or manage many of the core services since those are contracted out to Texas A&M IT via an administrative mandate.

Each respective section header below provides information on the services RPTS offers and/or facilitates to its faculty, staff, and student populations.

Is Your Computer Broken?!  Did you break something without touching anything?!
                                                    (We know you touched it!)

Submit a ticket by emailing coalsit@tamu.edu.  Your issue will be received, reviewed, and processed according to the priority assigned by the department IT staff.  We ask for your patience as we receive many requests a day and appreciate your understanding on the matter!

New Changes

We are now using an IT ticketing system from TAMU IT called ServiceNow. Please use the following email addresses when requesting IT support. Please do not CC multiple IT email addresses as this will create duplicate tickets in the system. I hope this will prevent any confusion moving forward.

coalsit@tamu.edu           General mailbox for COALS IT requests. (No longer recommended for use)

alecit@tamu.edu             Mailbox for the ALEC Dept. (Desktop/Laptop support, local file and printer help, general connectivity issues, mostly local resources, etc.)

rptsit@tamu.edu             Mailbox for the RPTS Dept. (Desktop/Laptop support, local file and printer help, general connectivity issues, mostly local resources, etc.)

helpdesk@tamu.edu     Mailbox for TAMU IT hosted applications and services support. (E.g., Syncplicity, TAMU Exchange issues, eCampus or Howdy applications, SSO and anything NetID or UIN related)

Quick Links

TAMU Exchange Email
(faculty and staff only)
TAMU Gmail
(students only)
Change NetID Password Change Your NetID
Exchange Setup for iOS Devices WiFi Information
Connecting to TAMU VPN Modify Gateway Settings
Code Maroon VOAL

Need to work with someone through teleconference?  Would having four screens on one display help with a paper?  We have multiple ways for you to collaborate near and far!

Data Storage/Backup Policy
Data is one of our most important assets. In order to protect this asset from loss or destruction, it is imperative that it be safely and securely captured, copied, and stored. The goal of the following document is to outline ways you can protect your data to meet the standards set by Texas A&M.

Departmental Website & Server Policy
This section has options for hosting websites, databases, or servers.

Export Control/Traveling
Protect yourself and Texas A&M while traveling internationally and domestically.

Grants and Proposal Writing
Before you submit that proposal, let us help evaluate your technical needs for the grant you are chasing!

Inventory Management Policy
The goal of this policy is to establish a standard computing methodology across the entire department so we can stay in compliance with the rules and procedures set by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

IT Purchases
Need to buy something?  Be smart, save money, and reduce paperwork by going through RPTS IT!

PAL Program
Need a projector and/or laptop for a conference or presentation?  Reserve our mobile equipment today!

Security Standards
Texas Administrative Code 202 (TAC 202) is the security related rules and regulations set by the State of Texas for all agencies which includes Texas A&M.  This information outlines how we comply with TAC 202.

Student Spaces and Printing
More information about Graduate and Undergraduate student access to RPTS labs and printers can be found here.

WePresent Technology
Screen sharing technology has come to the RPTS department!

Departmental Google Groups
You can find all the different RPTS departmental listservs here!

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