RPTS – Year 1



  • Assigned space on the 3rd floor of the Plant Sciences Building
  • Employed Mrs. Hazel Grubbs as Departmental Secretary
  • Printed Departmental letterhead (School of Natural Biosciences)
  • Preparation of formal report to the Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education requesting authority to grnat M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.
  • First curriculum revision
  • Printing of informational folder “Careers in Recreation and Parks”


  • Department represented at the Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute at Texoma State Park, Oklahoma
  • First formal course offering: RP 302 (3 credit hours), Principles of Park Administration–23 students enrolled
    (Note: At this time, the fall semester ended in January, with exams after the Christmas break; some classes also met on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday)
  • Carroll Dowell joins faculty as an Instructor on February 14


  • Ten new undergraduate course offerings approved by college and university
  • Revised curriculum approved by the college


  • April 5th–Dedication of the Confederate Reunion Grounds in Mexia by Governor John Connally
  • May 24–undergraduate curriculum approved by the Academic Council; request for M.S. and Ph.D programs approved for forwarding to the Texas Coordinating Board For Higher Education
  • A total of 14 undergraduates had declared themselves to be RP majors


  • RPTS graduate student Louis Hodges named recipient of a Graduate College Fellowship
  • Faculty members Reid and Dowell visit Texas Tech to establish “friendly” relations
  • Reid visits Yellowstone to investigate annexation of the National Park as the Texas A&M “north campus”
  • Ken Butts (RP graduate student) working as seasonal Ranger-Naturalist at Grand Tetons National Park
  • Dr. C. A. Gunn (Michigan State) and Dr. R. L. Bury visit the Department
  • Department offices move to Herman Heep Hall (room 216) with 2000 square feet of office space


  • David Reed (M.S., Michigan State University) appointed as Instructor in department
  • Dr. Frank W. Suggitt joins faculty as a full professor in recreation planning and development
  • Fall enrollments: 32 undergraduate students, 8 graduate degree candidates
  • Class enrollments:
    RP 101–1 hour–Introduction to Recreation and Parks–24 students
    RP 201–2 hours–Principles of Park Administration–24 students
    RP 301–3 hours–Outdoor Recreation–23 students
    RP 305–3 hours–Management of Urban Parks–29 students
    RP 485–3 hours–Special Problems in Recreation–2 students
  • Les Reid co-teaches “Environmental Studies” graduate course with Frank Suggitt and faculty in the Institute of Regional Planning (a department in the college of Architecture)–14 graduate students from RP and Planning are enrolled.


  • Dr. Ivan Schmedemann, faculty member in Agricultural Economics, listed with co-appointment in RP
  • RP Majors Club given formal recognition (formed) in November; club officers include:
    President–Fred Blumbeerg
    Vice-President–Claude Glover
    Secretary-Treasurer–Walter Dabney
    Social Chairman–Watt Norman
    Agriculture Council Representative–Ray Hoover
  • Fred Blumberg named recipient of the Jesse Jones Agricultural Scholarship
  • Five new graduate courses approved:
    RP 607–Recreation and Park Design
    RP 611–Recreation Systems Planning
    RP 681–Seminar
    RP 685–Problems
    RP 691–Thesis Research


written by Louis Hodges, 1-20-2006


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