Study Abroad





Study abroad generally involves going to another country to study its language and culture, but this does not capture the breadth of opportunities available to all Aggies. Study abroad now encompasses a variety of international experiences – study, research, internships, volunteer, teaching and service learning programs.

“The mission of the Study Abroad Programs Office at Texas A&M University is to provide students in all fields, at all levels a wide range of educational experiences abroad. Such experiences not only provide students with the appropriate academic/professional training and sensitivity to other cultures, but also help to create effective humanitarians needed for an interdependent world.”

Texas A&M University is committed to having more students participate in international experiences. Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences department is committed to supporting the university’s mission by creating experiences that broaden student’s intellectual and personal horizons and understanding of the international landscape. We realize that Aggies can have a positive effect on the lives of people both locally, nationally and throughout the world.


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